✊ Why Supporting Local Businesses Matters in Canada?

✊ Why Supporting Local Businesses Matters in Canada?
Photo by Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

The trend of “shopping local” isn’t new to Canadians, but it definitely means something different after the last year and a half. Everyone has been deeply affected by the ongoing pandemic, with small business owners being some of the hardest hit. The challenges have been insurmountable for many – between lockdowns, mandates, and capacity limitations, for some businesses it’s been almost impossible to stay afloat. In fact, plenty haven’t been able to keep up with the instabilities, forcing them to close their doors permanently.

Luckily, we can help the small businesses in our communities coast to coast by showing a little support. Whether it’s your morning coffee, your next vehicle purchase, or the payment provider for your own small business, there are many ways to contribute – but here’s why your support matters most.

👊 You Make a Direct Impact On Your Communities Economy.

Your purchases make a difference. While we can’t control the future or change the world overnight, the few choices we make do have an impact. Online shopping habits have surged and with consumers leaning heavily on large corporate platforms like Walmart and Amazon to meet their demands. Many small businesses have felt the effects as a result.
Each purchase you make at a local small business goes straight back into your community. Don’t let your efforts stop at restaurants and farmers markets though, think outside the box! Look into a privately owned gym, boutique hotel, or mechanic instead of a corporate brand name – you’ll likely be surprised with the quality of your service, and the dedication to customer satisfaction.

😊 Every Customer Matters.

Have you ever noticed the customer service offered by small businesses is incomparable? While corporate online stores and big-box retailers have the bottom line to support entire departments and A.I. bot technology geared to customer service, the personal touch is completely lost. In a small business, every single purchase matters, but even more so – every customer matters. Making sure you’re completely satisfied is their top goal to ensure you become a loyal, returning customer – so they put in the extra work!

💹 Thriving Businesses Stimulate The Job Market.

According to Stats Canada, small businesses account for 98% of all employer businesses in Canada. The more businesses that shut their doors, the less availability there will be within the job market – it’s as simple as that. During a time where many companies are burdened with difficult decisions like layoffs and closures, jobs are a necessity, to say the least. Shopping local for your retail and service needs will not only help these small businesses stay afloat, but it also allows them to grow and employ more people within your community.

🎗Help Local Businesses Support One Another.

Building healthy relationships is important for the growth of small businesses, especially in our competitive consumer market. Because of this, business owners often take pride in supporting their local communities and fellow entrepreneurs, as they relate to the struggles and hardships. Plus, privately-owned companies aren’t bound to an “approved” list of vendors, supporting the solidarity of buying local and investing in the community.

Your purchases keep businesses open and operating, fostering the ability to maintain business-to-business relationships. The coffee and breakfast bagel bought at the local shop doesn’t just keep people employed, it also helps support other small businesses like local food suppliers, payment providers, or other service-based companies.

🙏 They Can’t Make It Without You.

After months of lost revenue, the challenge of reopening and resuming daily functions has been daunting. For many there’s little left to invest, between hiring new staff, replenishing inventory, and all the overhead costs associated with operation. While larger corporations and chains have felt the impact caused by the pandemic and its mandates, the effects to small businesses are insufferable – they simply do not have comparable revenue. Supporting small businesses in your local community can make all the difference in rebuilding the economy and getting back to a new normal; after all, we are in this together.

🤝 Doing Our Part.

Now more than ever, there’s a dire need to support the businesses in our communities. Along with the economical benefits, small businesses have a lot to offer their communities in return. Keeping them open and thriving means they’re in a better position to give back, furthering recovery efforts in our common goal of returning to normal life.