🇨🇦 Minister Miller Celebrates Canada Day: Unity, Diversity, and Reconciliation

🇨🇦 Minister Miller Celebrates Canada Day: Unity, Diversity, and Reconciliation
Photo by Andy Holmes / Unsplash

On July 1, 2024, Minister Marc Miller of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship issued a statement commemorating Canada Day. The statement emphasizes several key themes:

Celebration of Canadian freedoms, rights, and responsibilities
Recognition of Indigenous Peoples' history and ongoing role in Canada
Commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples
Importance of citizenship ceremonies across the country
Promotion of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and multiculturalism

Minister Miller highlighted the introduction of a new video, "Welcome, there is room" created with Indigenous creators to educate new Canadians about Indigenous experiences. He also mentioned his participation in a special citizenship ceremony at the Rogers Centre before the Toronto Blue Jays' Canada Day game.

The statement encourages Canadians to:

Participate in local citizenship ceremonies
Learn more about Indigenous Peoples and cultures
Welcome newcomers to Canada
Celebrate the country's diversity and multiculturalism

Minister Miller concluded by emphasizing that Canada Day is about celebrating what unites all Canadians: their love and respect for the country.

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Statement by Minister Miller on Canada Day
On Canada Day, we celebrate our freedoms and reflect on our rights and responsibilities as Canadian citizens. We remember and honour the shared history, symbols and values that define us as Canadians. A critical part of being Canadian is understanding the histories and realities of Indigenous Peoples, who have been caretakers of this land since time immemorial, and recognizing their integral role in this country’s past, present and future.