🫸 'Migrant Spring' protesters push for undocumented regularization.

🫸 'Migrant Spring' protesters push for undocumented regularization.
Photo by Jacek Dylag / Unsplash

Demonstrators in Montreal and across Canada are advocating for the regularization of undocumented individuals' status, emphasizing the need for permanent residency for all migrants. They are calling on political leaders to end deportations, immigration detention, and the scapegoating of migrants for systemic issues.

The protesters are urging Immigration Minister Marc Miller to create a program that includes all undocumented individuals without exclusion, addressing the challenges faced by this vulnerable population.

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‘Migrant Spring’ protesters demand regularization for undocumented people
Demonstrators in Montreal’s Parc-Extension neighbourhood say migrants and asylum seekers are struggling, scared and need a chance to give back.